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by exclusio, July 30, 2011, 13:00 in: video
Evelyn Lozada Nude

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by exclusio, July 30, 2011, 13:00 in: nude
Evelyn Lozada Nude She is hot and rich, having made her star way through the hardships of American business from the New York Bronx to Miami and established the large shoe enterprise being now a fashion and style setter! So being a successful business lady and a loving mother she takes part in many charity events and lives a socialite life. The question is why the hot and spicy Puerto Rican beauty needs this Evelyn Lozada Nude session? However the celebrity admits that such naughty tricks of her are just fun and entertainment for her bringing ease and relaxation to the fuss of her busy life.
The babe was engaged to the famous basketball start Antonie Walker however she has never broken the set of her sexual photo sessions enjoying them to the major scale claiming that nothing could prevent her from hot performance revealing her wild nature. It should not in any way affect her business or hurt her reputation. What the chick calls fun and entertainment drives all her male fans crazy. Just take a look at her late session for Maxim mag where the hottie poses so naturally in the sexist lingerie ideally suiting her juicy forms. Though not being of modeling appearance this babe knows well she is worth admiration and recognition. This session proves that business ladies can also be hot and wild!

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  • Being one of the bright and famous American socialite Evelyn is one of the fewest who does not care of shy or decency and passionately demonstrates her delicious body catching every possible chance! Evelyn Lozada naked image is one of the best temptations in the world. Sweet tender body with amazing boobs shyly clothed or boldly presented – it is all her styles of stirring the fans’ imagination. Men surely love strong willed successful women!